Graphic designer & Art director

Caty Aguilera | Art director, Graphic designer & illustrator

With 10 years experience of working with graphic design  I’ve worked with everything from web design, UI design, packaging, illustration and brand identities.

Besides working with my own clients I’ll also collaborate with design agencies from time to time on different projects. Some agencies I’ve worked for are Super tuesday, Neumeister, Identity works & Lobby design.

Awards & Features

Guldägget 2017 –  Project: Bron IPA. Nomination in “Packaging design”. Won Diploma.

Featured in Dezeen – Project: Revenge of the Mexican. Go to link.

Lectures & Workshops

Forsbergs School of Design –  Held evening classes in Graphic design.

Confront 2017 – Lecture/workshop coming in August 2017

Average is not enough
& normal is booring.

Bold and characteristic design that stands out

If you already know exactly what you want, because you’ve seen it. I’m not the one for you. I work on customised solutions that will bring out the uniqueness of who you or your product is.

What I do

A brand identity entails all the visual components that makes up your company. The logotype, brand colors, typography & graphic elements such as icons, illustrations or patterns. The phase of creating a brand identity is all about defining who the company is, what it needs to communicate visually to achieve what it wants. All of this while having the consumer and market in mind, to assure the brand is relevant to who it targets and the enviroment it exists within. In short terms, it’s a science.

To make a product stand out from the rest, communicate what it is , appeal to the right customer and simply work, practically, it needs a thought through packaging design.

Stationary, books, posters, broschures or magazines. These are printed media.

Being an illustrator I’m able to do customized graphics for any project you might have. Sometimes when working on a webdesign or UI I’ll often offer creating a customized Icon set. Only If I see it benefiting the project. It’s easy to find large icon sets for sale, but sometimes your brand has a certain nisch or visuall guideline, where a customized icon set adds to making the brand unique.

Illustration is one of my most sought out for services by design agencies. Whenever they need an illusrtation, or need an eye for composition to add some extra flare to a current project, they’ll take me in to inject my touch on it.

Being an illustrator Im able to work on all aspects of a project, customizing it to the T.

I started working with the web and web design around 2008. Working with the web it’s a constant entails understanding basic programming to understand the structures of a web page and how it behaves. There are a lot of sciences to web design, and it is under constant development, because of technology and because of the users. As a webdesigner it’s important to understand how a webpage behaves on different screens and how users behave while browsing a webpage.