I want to be like Coco when I grow up

Illustration by Caty Aguilera.

After her mother fled Fukushima when she was just a baby, 6 year old Coco grew up in the creative environment of Harajuku Japan, spending her days in her mothers clothing store.

In school she’ll look as any other kid, dressed in a mandatory school outfit, but in her free time she’s developed her own identity through fashion. Coco uses fashion as a means to express her self, and seems to know exactly what she feels like wearing and how to combine it. Despite her young age she’s managed to create a following of 300k + followers on Instagram and her photo gallery reflects a cocky little girl that goes between frilly dresses and punk looking outfits in bad ass poses, while also being the cute little quirky kiddo she is.

I’m personally not a fan of pageant kids, or making kids into models at a young age, but this girl is clearly having fun with it. I wish I was as daring and cool when I was little, hopefully I’ll one day grow up to be like Coco.

Follow Cocos instagram: coco_pinkprincess

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