My lecture & workshop at CONFRONT 2017

Hey! So last week, 17th of August, I held a lecture and workshop at the CONFRONT conference in Malmö. Speaking about the importance of spending less time designing and more time thinking.

I managed to test out a new workshop also, an exercise where the participants had to think associatively, descriptively and creatively. Basically enhancing their ability to think and express themselves creatively, while on their toes! Having a short time frame really forced the participants to not censor themselves, and stay in that creative brainstorm frame of mind, where anything’s allowed, how ever silly the thought would be.

Testing out a new exercise I was really curious to see if it was challenging enough, and if the participants would understand what I wanted to get out of it. But they clearly did, and I got such a great response and feedback.

After the lecture I spent the day with my bud, and amazing illustrator, Erik Svetoft, drawing live.

We documented the entire day, getting some great quotes by all the different speakers, and some anonymous “confessions” by the attendees.

One of the anonymous confessions was ” I don’t know If I’m good at my job or not”. Loved the honesty!

This was inspired by a quote of Carlos Gavina, who said designers and developers have different vocabularies, not speaking the same language most of the time. I love how the two characters just realised they’re not speaking the same language and freaking out about it (??) :D.

If you are interested in hiring me, or me and Erik for illustrational work, or for a similar live drawing event, you can e-mail me from the contact page.

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