Bron IPA


Art direction, Graphic design

Illustration by
Ink bad company

*This case is still being updated* Packaging design for Åbro brewerys’ IPAs. Wanting something bold and different that would stand out we went all in!

Exploring the long history and heritage of Åbro’s brewery we stumbled upon something that seemed so simple and silly we couldn’t ignore it.

The  name Åbro derived from the creek that flows along the brewery, where the brewery get’s its water to brew it’s beer. “Å” in swedish meaning creek, and “bro” meaning bridge. Åbro being a well known Swedish brand we we’re suprised to never had questioned the origin of the name, so finding out the history made it all fall in place.

With very few images from the original bridge we started playing around with the idea of a bridge, and what mysterious things that could potentially happen under it. Bridges being somewhat mythical.

The result was this surreal world, where what you least expected might happen. A story that reels you in and makes you wonder. A place that only exists in Åbros IPA.

Each can is named according to what is taking place.